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MVProductions and Vision One Productions work together to create powerful, versatile, cost-effective videos that are perfect for your website, YouTube™, presentations, and more. Our highly experienced team of writers, producers, editors, and graphic artists is focused on telling powerful stories that are clear, high-impact productions.


We believe we can bring our expertise in storytelling to highlight the life-changing impact The Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College has on their students. Whether it’s engaging a first-time college student, someone picking up where they left off in their educational journey, or a person who wants to continue their higher education,  it’s essential to show potential students how The Hamilton Holt School can transform and enhance their lives.  919-434-1399

Fund Raiser

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we help schools, businesses, hospitals, organizations, and individuals grab the attention of millions of potential customers and clients to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


Please add these videos under fundraiser—maybe between the elevate stuff…so we have different people we are representing.


We believe that the power of just one story can impact millions of lives.  It’s our goal to capture those stories through creative writing and video production.   Our experience with several educational endeavors makes us a perfect fit to tell the stories of people who have benefited from The Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience in TV news production, with more than 13 National Telly Awards and 11 National Emmy Awards for their storytelling and production.  Let us bring our combined expertise to Rollins and showcase the students and educators that are making a difference.