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Exhilarate your audience with an experience they've never had – let them switch to their preferred view of the action!

SwitchView is Perfect for:

  • Training - allow the audience to view the presenter or just his graphics

  • Performances - watch the side view for the choreography 

  • Awards - view your favorite contestants close up, or wide of the stage

  • Music - watch the entire band, or see just one of the artists


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Our web-based software is Simple and Easy to Use:

Viewers can switch between camera sources, graphics, and images by clicking the arrows on the left and right of the screen or by using the left and right arrow keys. Both pause and play functions are possible.  Every angle also provides a zoom-in or out, allowing for a custom viewing experience.


Perfect solution for any training video productions. This allows the viewer to zoom in, or watch only the informational graphics during the presentation.


Still, zoom and view detailed educational material with a click of a button.  Giving the control to the viewer, all educational information can be delivered seamlessly.

Concerts & Live Shows

Each camera angle is available.  This gives the viewer the opportunity to see any musician or performer as long, or short as desired.

Award Ceremonies

See the entire stage or just your favorite contestant.  Each camera angle is available to see reactions and action  

Dances & Performances

All camera angles available allow fo the view to see the entire stage or just a close-up of a performance.  From choreography, to close-ups, its a custom view.

Vision One Productions can provide to you and your audience with a deliverable one-click file that you can deploy via USB thumb drive or any digital storage of your choice. 

Contact us for mass duplication, distribution, and streaming solutions.

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