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Amazon Prime is the best streaming service. It offers a wide variety of content and offers offline viewing as one of its most attractive features. Android, iOS and Windows are some platforms it supports and preferable streaming devices are Amazon Fire TV and Roku among others. 

​Question… Do your viewers even watch satellite or DirectTV anymore?

Over the last 10 years, pay TV subscriptions are down more than 5% and traditional live TV viewing is down more than 20%. Meanwhile, streaming is growing more than 40% year-over-year. With more direct-to-consumer services, lower-priced devices, and free ad-supported content, the overall streaming experience has improved significantly in recent years. 


Vision One Productions has established relationships with Amazon Prime and we can provide clients with low cost broadcasting options on one of the most successful digital platforms available.

All video content will require closed captioning, re-formatting, upload and management.  You can trust Vision One Productions with their over 25 years of  experience to insure a successful broadcast campaign. We can manage a single feature film, a one-off program, an entire series or season run of program content on an individual channel designed specifically for your needs on Amazon Prime.  

For an example of one of our collaborative efforts with a recently produced program, search for THE FISH GUYZ on your Amazon Prime home screen.

Contact us for managment fees and projected residuals.

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