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Use social media video as a customer service channel. One of the most effective ways to use social media video to connect with your existing and prospective customers is to create video content that’s equal parts advertising and customer service - via Amazon and Social media.

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My wife and I are new business owners and we needed to have an experienced and reliable photographer/videographer to take photographs and a 60 second video of our product for our Amazon listing. Matt's resume blew away the competition. We took a chance on him to take on a project that will make or break our business. Matt was given a laundry list of instructions that we needed followed to make sure that our product was properly represented. With absolutely no hesitation, Matt took on the job and assured us that he would provide us with quality photographs and a product video that would far exceed our expectations. The communication between Matt and I was very fluid and he always responded to any question we had. He was extremely receptive to each and every task I asked him to complete. Matt never questioned my ideas and was always helpful with making suggestions that I never would have thought of. In less than 24 hours, my wife and I knew that we hired the right professional for our project. Within only a couple of weeks, Matt informed my wife and I that the project was complete. We could not believe that everything we asked for could be accomplished within this short period of time. I have never been so amazed with what I saw when he sent me the completed photographs and product video. The photographs were TOP NOTCH! They far exceeded my expectations. Then I watched the product video. I literally wanted to buy the product after I saw the video.....then I realized that I already own the product. The video was better quality than most television commercials I watch on prime time television. It was almost too good to be true. I had to sit back and take it all in. My wife and I just received professional product photographs that included a very unique outside setting with a professional model for an extremely reasonable price. Included in that extremely reasonable price, we received professional product photographs with absolutely no flaws. There are no words that I can formulate to express how grateful I am for Matt and his unbelievable services. The biggest mistake someone will make when choosing a photographer/videographer to hire is to pass on hiring Matt. Hopefully my product competitors will not read this because I plan on using him exclusively for every product our company will be selling. Thank you Matt!

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