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Vision One Productions’ philosophy of field production is simple.  We embrace the workflow of standard broadcast video production while utilizing the enhancements of cinematic production elements. This is done by using the latest small body 4k camera systems, gimbals, drones, steadicams, sliders and more, taking advantage of the most creative tools available to achieve unique and stellar imagery.

Broadcast Cenimatic Support: Text
Video Camera


Vision One Productions - Broadcast Cinematic support vehicle comes fully equipped with eng field production gear, crew and creative professionals.  

This is where broadcast production and large scale mobile units meets cinematic and creative storytellers. The Cinematic Support team are unique artists, skilled cinema photographers, passionate in providing perfection in their craft.  

Cinematic support vehicle: 

  • Multiple mirrorless 4k cameras

  • Multitude of prime lenses

  • Full eng audio kits

  • Flexible field lighting options

  • Portable green screen studio

  • Ronin Gimbal(s)

  • Slider(S)

  • Vmix and SlingStudio streaming systems

  • Portable edit bay for onsite editoral and media management

  • Client Hard Drive storage and archive

  • DJI Drone(s) - zoom 

  • JDI Asmo Action cameras

  • Mounting options for small body cameras

Project needs can adjust gear used on site.

Our crew members are all shooters and predators with years of experience either in filmmaking and storytelling in the broadcast arena.  One creative camera operator can field produce a feature, edit on site, as well as shoot the elements cinematically to make any on site feature production be more than just an element on a run sheet.

  Services can include…

Broll acquisition/location for show elements (Billboards, pre-game roll ins)

Hand off the drone footage, and location shots to the team.  Our licensed drone operator can fly anywhere. Show opens footage, bumps and coming ups, make these elements stand out.

Feature Production and Direction

Our seasoned storytelling feature producer is also the DP. He will put on the steadycam to make the feature stand out.

Pre-show streaming and behind the scenes/backstage

With two different streaming systems on board, leave it to the team to use these wireless systems to be covering the background action - multi cam or single, streaming services available.

Event eng behind the scenes and in the action broll acquisition

Using steady cams, and gimbals, the action of the broadcast can be captured creativity for future feature production, promotionals, and archives.  Multiple cameras, including strategically placed action cameras, can be utilized by multiple operators.

Enhance your next production

Broadcast Cenimatic Support: About



Over twenty five years in production, Matt is a producer/editor/field director and skilled cinematographer. Experienced and knowledgeable in commercial production, outdoor television production, project management, budgeting, broadcast, program scripting. Currently, Matt has over 500 long format programs logged and credited as a broadcast producer/editor

Matt Goldschmidt - Sr. Videographer, Predator, Project Coordinator


Joe studied television at the University of Central Florida, and began freelance producing television content for major networks like MTV and FOX early on in his career. In 2001, Joe formed Blackburst Entertainment with two colleagues and quickly grew it into a major production facility in Orlando.
In 2011, Joe formed InfraRed Creative, a company that focuses on content creation. InfraRed's first series, Travel Thru History, was nominated for a National Daytime Emmy in its first season. Joe currently acts as President and co-founder of the Watch And Learn Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to educational television

Joe Dorsey - Lead Cinematographer


Vic works as technical director, camera operator, and in post production for the sports and entertainment video production industry.  He has technical skills in computer systems integration and software interfaces. He is our number one in streaming services.

Vic Patterson - Lighting Director/audio Streaming Professional

Broadcast Cenimatic Support: Testimonials
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