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Welcome to Age of

Streamlined Marketing

Operating a business in yesterday's market requires an educated team of professionals who are still paying off their degrees and thus charging a fee that is nothing to disregard. Vision One Productions offers a much better way to reach potential customers who are actually interested in your products and services. Vision One Productions has used this technology to boost businesses big and small, local and international.


Geotargeting and demotargeting is a groundbreaking new method of marketing that allows your business to advertise efficiently to relevant consumers by harnessing the power of modern internet technologies, geofencing being the primary tool. A geofence is a virtual border that encompasses a real-world location, activating when a smartphone user passes through. 

Our service directs future clientele to your business by targeting the people who meet your demographics. Our service uses data provided by cellular carriers, social media platforms, and sites that use dynamic advertising just to name a few. With your customer base in mind, a Geofence can be designated to ping the desired demographic with a professionally crafted advertisement. This eliminates the need for old-fashioned methods which are a hit or a miss, improving on marketing services that may or may not attract customers. 

This technology allows companies to identify their prime candidates, allowing them to sell products and services much more effectively so that your business can allocate the finances rescued from outdated methods to the rest of its functions, leaving more room for growth.

Through current collaboration with

- Google ads

- Visa and Mastercard 

- Facebook ads

your viewers will be targeted for an effective impression.

Here is how it works..

Target Your Viewers


Once we have the demographics of your ideal audience, our experienced team of market researchers and data analysts deploys a wide range of data points to find your target customers including information on age, gender, income, recent spending trends, and more. Our team delves into digital data to discover things like purchasing history, foot traffic behaviors, and online browsing habits.


These data-driven tactics allow us to evaluate exactly how big your target audience size might be so you get a good idea of how many prospective customers you can reach.

Tracking and Analyzing Impressions 


Each of our clients has a username and password to a portal showing exactly how their campaigns are performing. Our reporting will tell you who is viewing by age group, gender, income level, and geography. Our reporting will tell you how often they are viewing, and how long they are viewing.


You’ll see placement reports that itemize exactly where your targets are viewing your message-, which games, apps, websites or YouTube channels, for example.

Campaign Collaboration


We connect you with a personal campaign coordinator who will meet with you at least once a month to share the highlights of how your targeted marketing campaign is performing. Each month, working around your schedule, your campaign coordinator speaks with you to discuss what’s working well, and what in your campaign needs to be optimized, allowing you to customize your targeting at any time based on your results.

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