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Zoom Might be Great, But...

Zoom is designed for conferencing, not a portal for professional video recording that sets you above your competitor.  Below are a few examples of projects Vision One Productions has done for clients.  Before we were conducting the interviews and after.  Hire us to go on site to acquire proper resolution video and quality audio that represents your company and message.

example: Showreel

Prior to being contracted by Record360, we were editing their testimonial videos with Zoom interviews, and stock footage.  Once we produced the first testimonial with original footage, Record360 immediately had more views, increased interactions, and professional presents on both their web site and social media.

Zoom Interview Edit


Vision One Productions

Your social media quality counts!  At times, we receive field footage shot by employees, managers, or even family members.  While the message delivered is the focus, quality camera work counts.  Represent your company, employees, and goals professionally - have them take you seriously!   

Mobile Phone Recording

Vision One Productions


Many professionals now are submitting videos for conferences.  Prior to working with Ashrae in the field, Vision One Productions used a pre-recorded presentation, and edited the video with provided power point slides.  Once the opportunity was available, we increased the professional quality of their presentation material utilizing original footage of the speaker.

Your message matters!

Self Filmed


Vision One Productions

How do YOU want to be seen?

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