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GeoTarget Ad Creation

For the past few years, Vision One Productions has been working in the Southeast area for GeoTarget.  With production assignments all over the states of Florida and Georgia, Vision One Productions has written scripts, shot and edited hundreds of local spots, and has conducted countless photo and video sessions for Google Ads, Facebook, and more.  The goal with these spots is to affordably produce video content that will reach thousands of consumers based on GeoTargeted areas and demographics.

"Geotarget was founded in 2019 with the intention to help local businesses get in front of their ideal customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. Since that time, we have managed thousands of campaigns for local businesses around the country. We’ve helped companies of all sizes use targeting to run effective and efficient digital marketing campaigns that maximize their advertising dollars and grow their business. Our campaigns are designed to inspire brand affinity and create loyal customers.

Matt Goldschmidt has been an integral part of our team since its inception. Matt provides timely videography and edits throughout the Southeast. His skills as a producer, editor, and videographer are exceptional. Matt also aids our team with consulting and training. He is a most valued team member, and we are fortunate to call him a member of the Geotarget family."

Tara Stofsky

Director of Operations

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