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Zoom Remote Interview

Never leave your office, let us do the work!

We use a full set up with a 4k camera, lights and wireless mics for a standard interview.  With the producer online via zoom, we use the studio camera as the live feed, the wireless mic as the microphone, set up a laptop for the interviewee to see the interviewer.  With an external speaker, the interview can be conducted just like you were there.

Zoom interview: Video

Sara Saplin

Wards Forest Media

I worked with Matt and his team at Vision One Productions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a content producer, we had to develop different ways of approaching content acquisition when traveling was nearly impossible. Our solution was conducting many interviews via Zoom, while hiring local teams to record the footage. Matt's team was one of the best to work with. He set up the Zoom, multiple cameras on site and took care of everything we needed. The end result was a very high quality video for our client.

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